Dentist in Reston, VA – Welcome To Reston Family Dental Center

You have found Reston’s Highest Rated dental office. We welcome new patients who are ready to receive high-tech dental care in Northern Virginia. As your first choice for “dentist near me“, we provide various dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, endodontic treatment, restorative dentistry, tooth extractions, family dentistry, emergency dental care and more.We built this office using the most advanced equipment available. These cutting-edge amenities give us the tools we need to provide excellent care for our patients. We have a sterilization facility that is modeled after VCU dental school in Richmond Virginia. Furthermore, we provide ultra-pure, bacteria-free water for our dental chairs. This allows us to provide the cleanest water of any dental office for our surgeries. We have multiple in-house machines that provide ‘reverse osmosis de-ionization & UV treated water’.

We provide our patients with 2 options for sedation during their procedures (either valium pills or nitrous oxide gas). Our facility is custom designed for the use of nitrous oxide in all treatment rooms. Our custom-built cabinets are designed to streamline all aspects of dentistry. Our high-tech lab equipment (such as high capacity Hydrim machines and large capacity ultrasonic tubs) prepares instruments in a meticulous manner for each sterilization cycle. This high-tech sterilization center we have built allows us to achieve sterilization and hygiene protocols that meet or exceed those of hospitals. Take for instance our hands-free water faucets, throughout the entire facility.

Additionally, our staff is extremely motivated and we strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction for our patients. We have in-house robotic milling systems that carve a dental crown using a solid block of porcelain. We have iTero digital impression scanners to provide the highest precision impressions. We have a minimally invasive Erbium laser at our sister office ( which is used for minimally-invasive periodontal therapy. Our equipment, technology, and highly motivated staff are some of the features that set us apart. We did not compromise when building this facility. We will strive to give you the highest level of care in the most efficient manner possible. We provide high-quality dental care for the entire family. Please call us today to make an appointment at (703) 495-3333