Here at Reston Family Dental Center, in addition to being partnered with top-notch dental laboratories, we offer digital technologies which provide the most high-precision restoration possible.

Computer-aided design (CAD)/ Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is a dental digital technology that has first adopted in dentistry in 1985 and has been successfully used by dental professionals for constructing various dental restorations as well as prostheses. This digital technology allows dental professionals to perform faster, efficient, and more accurate restoration possible while allowing comfort to the patients.

Digital CAD/CAM technology can eliminate 3 degrees of error from the crown fabrication process which includes:

  1. Shrinkage of dental impression materials as the solvents evaporate
  2. Shrinkage of gypsum stone models as the water evaporates
  3. Shrinkage of metal castings as the molten metal cools down


In addition to the efficient and comforting CAD/CAM technology, we proudly utilize CEREC OmniCam technology to mill the most high-precision restoration possible. With CEREC, we offer SINGLE-DENTAL VISIT and deliver excellent quality crowns in just one appointment visit. In some situations, cast metal crowns, such as “All Gold Crowns” are needed, but porcelain restoration offers the feel and looks of natural teeth.

Our highly skilled and experienced dentists here at Reston Family Dental Center will not only provide comfort to you with up-to-date digital technology, but we also promise to deliver the finest quality restoration possible ensuring outstanding results.