Endodontic therapy is repairing a tooth that is severely decayed or has become infected. This is an option of saving the tooth which is heavily infected and damaged. During the procedure, the infected soft tissue from inside the tooth’s root canal is removed, disinfected, and cleaned. Neglecting an infected tooth can damage surrounding teeth, gum as well as bone.

We have the absolute best technology and the most exotic dental instruments for root canal treatment in our office. These include iCat 3D cone bean, ProTaper Rotary Files, Root ZX apex locators with the integrated handpiece, Thermal endodontic sealing systems, and the world’s most advanced dental laser system. Root ZX II apex locator is proven to be safe and painless for patients while providing the highest accuracy of 97.5%. Our dentists are extremely skilled and are experienced to perform successful root canal treatment with cutting-edge technology.

Below a video that explains how PIPS laser disinfection for root canal therapy can achieve an amazing level of disinfection for the root canal system of a tooth. Some special situations call for special disinfection techniques. These cases will indicate using PIPS laser stimulation during disinfection of the root canal system.