We offer “Zoom!® Teeth Whitening” for only $400 per session. This is a professional “in-office” whitening procedure that utilizes ‘ultra-violet & LED light’ technology for stimulation of the bleaching gel. Zoom Teeth Whitening is only one of two options available however. Below we will explain the different options for “In-Office High Performance Teeth Whitening.”

In-Office Teeth Whitening Options Include :

  1. Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening – UV Light technology ($400 per session)
  2. Laser Teeth Whitening – Erbium Laser Technology ($450 per session)

RTC Dental has recently purchased a special erbium laser that allows us to provide the most advanced form of teeth whitening currently available. Erbium laser technology for the purpose of teeth whitening has been pioneered in Europe under the trade name “Touch White.” After several years of successful use in Europe it has finally been introduced to dental practices within the United States. We are now offering this next-generation technology for whitening teeth at RTC Dental. Laser Teeth Whitening costs only $450 per session at RTC Dental.