Digital CAD/CAM technology eliminates 3 degrees of error, from the crown fabrication process:

  • 1. Shrinkage of impression materials as the solvents evaporate
  • 2. Shrinkage of gypsum stone models as the water evaporates
  • 3. Shrinkage of metal castings as the molten metal cools down

Lab made crowns often use indirect techniques that require impressions, stone models and metal castings. This is why CAD/CAM tecnology is superior because direct scanning followed by digital design immediately eliminates 3 degrees of error from traditional crown fabrication techniques.

We proudly utilize Cerec OmniCam technology to mill the most high-precision restorations possible. Some situations require cast metal crowns, such as ‘All Gold Crowns’. However, our porcelain restorations look and feel just like natural teeth. Furthermore, with Emax and Zirconia blocks we can achieve strengths greater than natural teeth. Our dentists will help you choose the best option after examining your teeth.