In contrast to the removable denture, a hybrid implant denture is a non-removable/ fixed denture that replaces missing teeth. This “Hybrid Denture” will be permanently screwed onto the implants, which are surgically placed in the jawbone. The permanently attached prosthesis will provide a set of naturally occurring teeth that mimic the function of natural teeth. The most renowned benefit of implant dentures is stability which brings comfort to the patients. Unlike a traditional removable denture, a patient would not need adhesives to keep the denture stable nor have to regularly take out and clean the removable denture to clean. We recommend having this denture professionally removed and cleaned by a dentist once every 12-24 months. The dentist should also replace the screws with brand new screws each time the prosthesis is removed. This missing tooth replacement option is often the best for patients who have a significant amount of bone loss in the jaw or who have multiple teeth missing.

Reston Family Dental Center has highly skilled and experienced dentists and we can discuss if implant denture is the best option for you. We often work in partnership with the oral surgeon to obtain and share different expert opinions.

Here at Reston Family Dental Center, we place implants known as DIO-Navi EcoDigital Dental Implant and then we build screw-retained implant dentures for our patients. These are very high-end implant-supported patient’s dentures that allow the edentulous patient to chew and smile as if they had a full mouth of natural teeth. All these amazingly precise and personalized technology can be done in same-day treatment so that our patients may walk out with their new and finest implant dentures the very same day with a beautiful smile.

We also make Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) bridges that are permanently cemented onto your implants. PFM bridges are permanently cemented and so are not removed for cleaning or maintenance. This is a possible option for replacing missing teeth which serve functions of natural teeth and look. During your regular 6 months oral hygiene checkup appointment, the dental hygienist and/ or dentist will professionally help you to maintain them.


Our implant dentists can place as few as 4 ‘mini-implants’ for the purpose of ‘implant over dentures’. This ‘implant over denture’ is not as high-performance as the ‘Hybrid Denture’. However, this ‘implant over denture’ option is better than a normal denture with no implants at all. Thus, it is a compromise option that is less expensive than a ‘Hybrid Denture’.

Here at RFDC, we have our own CAD/CAM robotic milling capabilities that allow us to fabricate custom titanium and ceramic abutments in addition to implant crowns and bridges. We also have an industry-leading Erbium & Neodymium dental laser system to provide the absolute best results for our patients.

More About Implant Overdenture

Here at Reston Family Dental Center, we offer a cost-effective, simple solution for unhappy denture patients. With as few as four mini-implants, patients can gain significant amounts of retention and stability for their dentures. If you are hoping for a straightforward solution to your denture problem, the 4x mini-implant over-denture is a possible option for you.

4x mini-implants are placed to support 1 ‘over denture’. This over-denture must be removed and cleaned each day. Over-denture is mobile and does move around and may fall out of position throughout the day. However, this is better than a traditional removable complete denture with zero implants.

We have highly talented and skilled dentists who have many years of experience in successful implant procedures. We can discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding implant dentures and are here to find the best treatment option that is best for you.