The main procedure a dentist performs is 'full coverage crown.' This means the tooth is weakened somehow and the dentist places a crown or cap to protect the tooth for future use. Sometimes the best option for your tooth is a gold crown. However, in the large majority of cases, our doctors recommend beautiful white porcelain restorations. We make high-precision restorations with our OmniCam robotic mill. These porcelain crowns, veneers & onlays are the most natural appearing restorations possible. Our doctors are experts with this revolutionary technology.

The benefits of CEREC restorations include:

No more temporary crowns!

A lab crown can take 2-3 weeks, and patients would be wearing a temporary crown for this period.

We no longer need to take impressions with that “gooey” material in a bulky tray. We simply dry your teeth and scan!

Customized shade matching is done for every new crown. Our patients even have a difficult time determining which tooth is the new crown!


Our porcelain milling robot is utilizing a very advanced software program that allows us to control the design of your new crown in extreme detail. This technology gives the dentist much more control and precision with regards to how well the new crown will fit the patient's bite.


The image above is a scan of the patient's quadrant, in which the first molar tooth is ready for the crown design. It is a 3D computer model that can be manipulated digitally to provide the best fitting restoration possible.


Above is an image of a crown being milled from a block of porcelain in the CEREC’s robotic milling chamber. This is just one of the many examples of amazing high-tech instruments we have for our patients to benefit from. Please visit our office and speak to our team of dedicated professionals about your dental needs.