Here at ‘Reston Family Dental Center’ our dentists recommend every child has their first dental visit around the age of 1 year old. Thereafter, the child should come every 6 months for professional cleaning and exam. During the first few appointments it is expected the child will misbehave and refuse to cooperate.

Thus, our staff are trained to do a minimal polish and a friendly chat with the child to ensure the child has a quick and easy experience. This approach for scared children during their first few appointments will work to reduce the child’s anxiety until the child naturally trusts their dentist. The child will typically allow for a proper exam to occur during the 3rd or 4th appointment. This is known as the concept of “establishing a comfortable dental home for the child.”
We practice this approach for scared children. Our dentists are extremely gentle and patient with kids. Parents are encouraged to join the child in the treatment room which has over head TV and cartoons to entertain the child during their appointment. Please view our online office tour to see the ultra-modern equipment and instruments we use.

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