Our dentists are talented at pediatric dentistry. We are general dentists with excellent bed-side manner and we can gain your child’s trust before beginning the procedure. Also, we have special tricks for getting the child numb, when numbing is required.

We believe in a gentle and modest approach to pediatric dentistry. The child is not rushed or overwhelmed in one appointment. This is typically enough to gain the child’s trust and cooperation, thereby avoiding the need for heavy sedation drugs.

We routinely see scared kids with severe dental anxieties and we are able to make them comfortable enough for dentistry to occur. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to thoroughly relax the most anxious dental patients.

For the most severe anxieties we ask the patient to wear a “Duck Mask” that administers a controlled amount of laughing gas (nitrous oxide) which further relaxes the patient. Our sister-office ( also has an amazing erbium laser that can do many procedures without the need for numbing medicine and needles. With the addition of this remarkable new technology we are now amongst the most advanced dental offices in the area. Your family deserves the best technology modern day dentistry has to offer.