A family treated by our family dentist in Herndon, VA

Family And Preventative Dentistry

“Your family deserves the best technology modern day dentistry has to offer!”

  • Custom dental cabinetry designed to streamline your experience
  • Hands-free water faucets throughout our office
  • Ultra low-radiation digital x-rays
  • iCat 3D cone beam machine
  • Cerec OmniCam Porcelain Milling Robots
  • Fotona Dental Laser Systems
  • iTero digital impression scanners

World’s Most Advanced Dental Laser

  • Our sister-office (RTCdental.com) has acquired a new technology that is capable of minimally-invasive dentistry.
  • Laser Periodontal Therapy is revolutionary for treating gum disease (aka periodontal disease)
  • “No Drill, No Needle, No Pain Dentistry” is now possible with Laser Technology
  • Click here to learn why this laser technology is often times superior to a traditional drill
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Invisalign Orthodontics ( Invisible Braces )

Current Special Pricing (with Zero Interest Financing!!)

  • Invisalign Full (with unlimited number of aligners)  $3900
  • Vivera Retainers (4 identical sets)  $900
  • Each revision costs $150 extra
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Laser Periodontal Therapies

  • “Laser Reattachment Protocol” stimulates diseased gums to regenerate in healthy condition and then reattach to the underlying bone
  • This will eliminate the pocket around the tooth that traps food and gets infected
  • Reverse some of the damage caused by periodontal disease (aka gum disease)
  • Healing your gums will improve cardiovascular health
  • Research is now showing links between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease.
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Cosmetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers & Crowns)

Our dentists have made thousands of crowns and veneers for our patients. We are extremely talented at this task. We make crowns and veneers that look exactly like your natural teeth. These ceramic restorations will feel and look natural. Sometimes we contract a laboratory to fabricate your crown and more often our in-house robotic mill will make it while you wait.

  • Special Promo for 6 Porcelain Veneers; Currently only $5000
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TouchWhite – Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Next-Generation technology for whitening teeth
  • We avoid thermal-irritation to the tooth, when using erbium laser technology
  • Erbium laser energy is used to gently pulses the bleaching gel into your enamel, thereby achieving dramatic results
  • Performance is similar to ZOOM teeth whitening but slightly more gentle because its less thermal.
  • Only $450 per session
  • Currently offered at our sister-office (RTCdental.com)
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ZOOM Teeth Whitening

In-Office Professional Bleaching System
20% hydrogen peroxide provides dramatic results
(UV light accelerates absorption of the special bleaching gel)
  • Current special only $400 per session
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Prosthodontic Services

Bridges and Dentures; including Implant Supported Dentures

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Implant Surgery

Super Competitive Pricing for a single dental implant
* Only $2800 per tooth ( includes implant, abutment & crown )
* We have in-house periodontist for bone grafting and implant surgery
* Special Price of $2800 may not be applicable when insurance benefits are applied
* Bone grafting and sinus lifts charged separately, when necessary
* Bone grafting is typically “ridge augmentation” which costs $1400 per site
* Sinus lift (when needed) is typically about $2200 per site
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Hybrid Implant Denture

Best tooth replacement option with screw-retained “hybrid denture”.
  • $9000 for implant surgery (6 implants)
  • [bone grafting procedures will be charged separately]
  • We have in-house periodontist for bone grafting and implant surgery
  • $7500 for each “Hybrid Denture”
  • The Hybrid Denture will be fixed with screws to the 6 implants
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Oral Surgery (including wisdom tooth removal)

  • Our dentists are highly talented at the art of tooth extraction
  • We are general dentists that have tremendous experience with tooth extraction
  • We have industry leading 3D imaging capabilities with our iCat cone beam
  • We use the best instruments and materials to give the best results for our patients
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Endodontic Therapy (root canal therapy)

  • Our doctors at Reston Family Dental Center are extremely talented when it comes to root canal therapy.
  • Our doctors have the absolute best technology available to provide the best results for our patients.
  • For example, we have iCat 3D cone beam, ProTaper Rotary Files, Root ZX apex locators w/ integrated hand piece, Thermal endodontic sealing systems and the worlds most advanced dental laser system.
  • Laser PIPS technology that we use provides a unique form of disinfection
  • Root ZX Integrated Headpiece is another important endodontic instrument we use
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Mercury Removal Dentistry

Mercury removal can help anyone who is concerned about amalgam fillings in their teeth releasing small amounts of mercury into their saliva (and gastrointestinal tract) throughout their life-time. Mercury fillings (amalgams) are thought to be perfectly safe and suitable for dental restorations. However, many people like to remove their amalgams just to replace with beautiful white composite resin material that is now known to be far superior to mercury-amalgam fillings. We are experts at removal of amalgam fillings.