We have all the best equipment to provide our patients with high-tech care. Take for example the iCat 3D x-ray machine that allows our surgeons to see 3D images of the tooth and jaw. Our iCat technology is the industry leader for ultra-low radiation scans. We know our patients are concerned about the equipment and technology we use, so we provide the most modern technology. Furthermore, the details about our equipment is describe on our website for our patients to see. We pride ourselves on having the newest technology that provides ultra-low radiation x-rays that are harmless for our patients.


Here is a comparison of radiation exposure values to help reassure our patients about the safety of our technology:.


Flight from NY to LA results in 0.080 micro Sieverts of radiation exposure.



Gendex CB500 full face scan 0.053 micro Sieverts of radiation exposure.


Digital 2D panoramic X-ray
(performed once every 5 years and for wisdom teeth removal)
0.020 micro Sieverts of radiation exposure.


Bite wing / peri-apical digital sensor X-ray
(4 bitewings & 2 peri-apicals performed each year)
0.004 micro Sieverts of radiation exposure.


Thus, if you take full mouth series (18 individual x-rays * 0.004 mSv) =0.072 mSv Which is less than a routine plane flight from Los Angeles to New York We recommend FMX (full mouth series) once every 5 years.


And we diagnose important treatments every hour using these harmless X-rays


Our 3D iCat machine allows us to choose from multiple different scan volume options depending on what we desire to scan. This gives the operator even more control over this process.


Preventative care is good. Conservative dentistry is based on prevention.: